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Blog #1 Week of 4/23

April 9, 2012

Consider: have you ever used something from the internet in an unethical way? Do you think current copyright laws work well in the digital composing environment? Why/why not? What do you think should be changed?

I have used pictures on the internet to pick on people, but only for a joke. I used a picture of a pig I found on google images and wrote my uncles name on it and printed it. I then put the picture in his room, like I said it was just a joke. However, after what I have learned in this weeks class I now know that what I had done could be illegal. I didn’t know laws were so strict on copyright. I think laws these days are extremely strict dealing with copyright, but I guess if the government says its okay then it must be. I wouldn’t change a thing if it was left up to me, because It doesn’t really affect me at all.


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