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Second Annotation of Sources

March 18, 2012


“Drug Trafficking in the United States.” Policy Almanac. U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, May 2004. Web. 18 Mar. 2012. <;.


This online article is from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency about the different drugs smuggled into the United States every year. The article lists every type of drug and many statistics that go with the drugs that are smuggled across the borders of the United States. Many country’s such as Mexico and Colombia have criminal organizations that make multi-million dollar profits from the drugs that are sold into the U.S. In the last decade there has been a national crackdown on the borders to prevent drugs being entered into the United States. Criminal Organizations from different countries are smuggling by land, boat, car, and even plane. Over 70% of the illegal drugs in the United States are smuggled from the Mexican border. The author of this article is being very descriptive about the drugs that are smuggled every year. The author even explains the purity and cost of some drugs that are controlled by the criminal organizations that run the illegal drug distribution network in America. This source is very reliable and gives a lot of information on how the criminal organizations run this billion dollar industry, and how they often work with each other to get past the border patrols.


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