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Research Project Proposal: Drug Distribution

February 20, 2012

Drug Distribution

Research Question:  Is there an overwhelming drug distribution problem in Robeson County, What is caused by this and what can be done to fix it?  

I picked this topic because all my life it has been something that has came up every were I turned. Growing up around a lot of drugs and drug distribution has taught me many things, and one of them is that there is a major problem with drug distribution in Robeson County. The newspapers and internet sites only show you the statistics and facts that they know, but it is way bigger then what they think. They are only showing the statistics they got from busting people and things like that but there are many people who never get caught and it goes pretty deep if you know the right people. I think this is a problem worth addressing because Robeson County’s drug abuse statistics are unreal. Once again I think the statistics on the internet or books are not showing the real truth. I’m sure it’s actually way worse then what many people know. One would figure that since everyday technology is advancing the government would find ways to slow down and prevent the drug distribution problem in our community, but yet they have still not found a way because while the government is getting smarter so are the drug dealers.  Drug abuse is devastating our community, and not only that but it’s crippling our youth and causing drop-out rates to increase. If this problem isn’t recognized in Robeson County ASAP only God knows what our county will be like ten to fifteen years from now.

Some things I need to find out about this topic is what allows Robeson County to have a drug distribution problem, and why does law enforcement bust one drug dealer and one week later he is back on the streets making more money. Another question for me to answer is “Why are so many drugs being available for sale in this county?”  I plan on using google and using different search strings like “Drug Distribution in Robeson County”, “Robeson County drug convictions”, “Laws on Drug Distribution”, and some more things. I want to only use websites that I know have close to 100% accurate data, like websites about the newspapers and websites dealing with law enforcement. I am thinking about conducting an interview with this state trooper I know and asking them about their opinion on drug distribution and its effect on our community. I will also ask him why some drug laws carry a longer sentence then murder, and why some drug dealers get busted set their bail and are right back on the street distributing their drugs in less than 48 hours. There will all ways be a drug problem because there will all ways be a demand for the drugs. Basic economics, supply and demand is what carries the drug distribution network. I think that since I was raised around drug distribution and abuse it will not be too hard to put this research paper together.


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