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Child Abuse

February 17, 2012

I was reading the news like I do just about every day when I came across this devastating story about a 15 year old girl that was starved, beaten, and tortured by her parents since she was 12. She was forced to live in her basement and mostly fend for her self when it came to food. The news report even said the girl was forced to eat her own feces and drink her own urine 😦 . What kind of sick people do these things? Why have children if this is how you are going to treat them? This is as bad as it gets to me because the child is helpless and knows no other lifestyle. Something inside her told her this was wrong though and she attempted to escape. Luckily she was noticed walking bare footed down the road in her PJ’s by someone and they got help for her. The girl was only a staggering 70 pounds !! Here is the link to the article for the rest of the story. Please give feedback on your thoughts. Child Abuse


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