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Syphilis Studies Response

January 25, 2012

Post a response to these readings on your blog before class time today. For this post, I’d like you to consider the ways in which the Guatemala Syphilis and Tuskeegee Syphilis studies were unethical. Be specific. Try to use language from your reading of “Protecting Human Subjects” to talk through this. THEN: consider how they might have changed either one of these experiments to do their research ethically.

The Tuskeegee and Guatemala studies were unethical in a number of different ways. The studies DID NOT show professionalism while conducting these studies, and violated human rights by allowing diseases to grow while holding a anti-biotic. The results of these studies were devastating to the public as the truth came out in the years following. Scientists should have followed the Nuremberg code down the list, instead they violated numberous parts of the code.



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