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English 1060 Blog #1

January 22, 2012

“We are conducting a study of health and wellness in Robeson, Scotland, and Hoke counties. What do you already know about these issues in our area? What did you learn from the readings/videos we’ve engaged with so far? What questions do you have about community health and wellness in our area?”

I personally think that some of the issues in Robeson, Scotland, and Hoke county that we talked about come from unhealthy eating and exercise habits. This goes hand in hand with the issue about many people in the three counties not having any health insurance. No health insurance keeps alot of people from recieving the quality healthcare and right medicines needed to live a healthy and longer life. Some of the videos we watched in class focused on  these issues in surrounding states of North Carolina. One question I have about our community health and wellness is “What are some things we can do to make a change?” Opinions please


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