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Portfolio 3 Works Cited

Portfolio 3 Works Cited


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2012 Olympics !

The 2012 Olympics are only 100 days away. The events are set to be held in London. London has a lot to live up to after the previous Summer Olympics in Beijing, where the  Chinese governments spending created an extraordinary visual spectacle and a master class in organization excellence. London is said to be facing big security challenges, as the international threat of terrorism increases annualy as technology also increases.

Video making with Youtube

Youtube can be a very useful tool, their are thousands of videos explaining how to do thousands of things. Their are videos on Youtube explaining how to create a video and change its file type. I dont see why so many people in class are having problems doing this when you can learn in a few short clicks. I use Youtube often when I need to learn how to do things. If Youtube was a profitable organization Im sure they would have millions of $$$ ! ! !

Portfolio 3: Starting my Reflective Overview


I am doing my video on “Illegal Drug Distribution & Corruption in Robeson County.” So far my reclective part is coming along good, I find this part extrememly easy because their is no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person rules involved. I say what is on my mind, and it doesn’t really matter how I say it. I love that about the reflective overview. Im finding portoflio 3 to be the easiest one so far. Their is less writting involved and more creativity. I am having trouble finding a song that suits my topic. Any helpful hints ? ?

Stephon Marbury is getting a bronze statue

After leaving the NBA to play in China in 2009, former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury is having a bronze statue of himself put up in a city in China in honor of his success. A few days ago he helped lead his team to a national title in China, his first championship since his high school days in New York. Marbury is well known for his athletic shoes, and being one of a select few that have made it out of the “projects” and into the NBA.




Smoking during Pregnancy

In class on Tuesday April 10th we watched a video about women smoking while pregnant, I was very suprised at the numbers and how such a great amount of women smoke and do not realize the harmful effects that are caused to the baby while smoking. The statistics are outrageous, why do women continue to smoke while pregnant? My sister is pregnant right now as I am typing this and she is do any day now. She has smoked plenty of times in front of me, but if I knew then what I know now she wouldn’t have! Any comments??

Lawmakers cool to early-voting request


Your required blog posting for this week is to: find a text (any genre or mode) aimed at YOUR ideal audience. Link to it, if possible, in your blog post, then analyze: 1) why the author of this text chose this audience, 2) how you can tell this is the audience chosen, 3) how they approach the audience to achieve their purposes.

I chose an online article from “The Robesonian” newspaper, the article was about early voting in city elections. The author of this article is obviously indicating that his audience is the Robeson county residents who are doing the voting, this is also my audience in a way. I can tell this is his audience, because who else would be interested in city elections besides residents of the city? I think the author is talking in a informal manner, he is simply providing information. I do not think he is trying to convince his audience anything.